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Alginic caviar

Product of the Future Is it possible to enjoy the unique taste of red or black caviar and not to harm the family budget?

Easily, if you prefer the progressive and natural products - alginic caviar. In contrast to the low-quality synthetic analogues, the producers of this delicacy not exaggerate, claiming the natural and useful part of a calf.

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Cream caviar

The product has a very low caloric value (approximately 34 kcal per 100g), so you can use it without restrictions and without fear to grow stout.

Overdose alginic caviar impossible. For the prevention and treatment of the body of his lead and radioactive elements enough to eat every day just 10g this product. The most important place in the algae takes alginic acid (sodium alginate). Its medicinal properties have long been known. Today, sodium alginate has been used successfully in cosmetics as a base for creams and masks, in medicine, in the food industry for the production of ice cream, jelly, marmalade, mayonnaise, cooking and grocery products, such as alginic caviar.

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What is special about this product? Try to understand.

Healthy amino acid composition

The basis of such eggs is sodium alginate, which is obtained from seaweed. Due to the special technology of Fucus and Laminaria release all the valuable nutrients are provided. New processing techniques allow the process does not violate the natural structure of algae, and eventually save all the useful macro-and micronutrients.

Medicinal properties of sodium alginate are used in a wide range of industries - cosmetology, medicine, food industry. Alginic acid is the active ingredient of healing masks and creams, helps combat with a variety of ailments, improves the regenerating function of the body and is considered a perfect complement to diets. This is a real source of vitamins, iron, zinc, copper, pectin and polysaccharides.

Positive impact

The combination of natural ingredients in alginic caviar gives the opportunity to talk about the beneficial effects of this product on human health. It can be used as an effective additive to:

Product with regular use makes the body more resistant to infection and raises the tone. Total alginic caviar 10g per day will achieve the expressed health effect and will be an excellent prevention of many diseases.

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