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"BerryFood" - a young and rapidly growing company that has managed to find its niche among the industrial enterprises of Belarus.

We managed to set up production of not only qualitative but also a unique product for domestic consumers - alginic caviar "Ocean Energy". We have incorporated the experience of global brands, manufacturers, carefully analyzed the market and identified the most efficient production techniques. Every day, the company's specialists to monitor trends and develop innovative systems to improve production.

Every stage of manufacturing alginic caviar controlled quality management systems and security, which is confirmed by certificates of conformity to the requirements of STB ISO 9001-2009 and 1470-2012 STB. We also adhere to the regulations of the Customs Union, which ensures proper production and storage of food sold. All information recorded in the declaration of conformity.

"BerryFood" a series of studies that allowed to create the perfect formula alginic caviar. The structure of production "Ocean Energy" includes nourishing active ingredients and a whole range of vitamins - B2, B6, B9, B12. This is 15 to 50% of the physiological norm adult consumption. The product is characterized not only by natural taste, but also a useful compound that has a positive effect on all the systems of the human body.

Products, which has no analogues in Belarus.

Despite the fact that the company's business was started from scratch, today we have modern production plants, where strictly enforced sanitary norms and technology development. Specialists "BerryFood" engaged in manufacturing automation alginic caviar premium. The company operates in the strong pace of daily supplying supermarkets in our country and abroad products "Ocean Energy".

Alginic caviar is packed in glass jars, soft package doypak and in polystyrene cups. This makes it possible to preserve the useful properties of the product.

Reasonable prices, increased attention to the wishes of each customer and the impeccable quality of products sold allowed our team to gain a reputation for professional and public companies. With each passing day, "BerryFood" continues to improve and take care of their customers!

Home » About company
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